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(Mar 09, 2016)
Moar shitposts
(Mar 07, 2016)
noooo drae
(Mar 06, 2016)
Net has been down pretty much all weekend and cant get on. Will probably be missing this raid :((
(Feb 25, 2016)
Iskar vid will be up soon
(Feb 24, 2016)
Shout! Shout! let it al out!
(Feb 24, 2016)
man why is it so quiet around here we need more souting in the shoutbox
(Feb 22, 2016)
musti when i wrote this they where still alive you fool ofc fel lord is next now :D
(Feb 21, 2016)
Fel lord next!
(Feb 21, 2016)
nooooo sara
(Feb 20, 2016)
good job on 2nd kill lets get ishkar and socretar down this week
(Feb 11, 2016)
fucking gorefiend hit the floor!
(Feb 11, 2016)
6/13 Mythic woop gorefiend down!
(Feb 07, 2016)
final whats that for a dumb question ofc he is hes rank 1 padder :D
(Feb 06, 2016)
You aren't already!?
(Feb 05, 2016)
thats it im gonna pad again final !
(Feb 05, 2016)
(Feb 05, 2016)
raiders please check the gorefiend thread before next riad!
(Feb 01, 2016)
It's too long til next raid :(
(Feb 01, 2016)
We all have bad days too times!
(Feb 01, 2016)
Apologies for my outburst Yesterday, been having a shit time in RL lately! no excuse but it happened and im sorry...