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Rank: Social
Online: over 1 year ago
Joined: Aug 26, 2015
Nick Name: kangaroos
Gender: Male
Country: Norway
State/Province: Rogaland Fylke
City: Haugesund
I have mood swings, probably related to MY RAIDERS STANDING IN THE FUCKING FIRE! JEEZ!

Nice to meet you! :)

Things i like:

DragonLance. Raistlin Majere makes my heart swirl.

Warcraft. No shit? Im a lore guy, i love WoW because its warcraft, not because its wow. Noobs look at me as a walking WoW wiki, while i look at them as, well, noobs.

Star Wars. Who doesnt ?

My penis. I like that one alot, its got a very interesting story, many key highlights that tends to put a smile on my face. Its also quite small.